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Work With Your Event Manager to Order Services

Required Campus Services for Your Event

UCLA is almost a city unto itself, with numerous departments that provide required services and approvals for events on campus. Among these services are:

  • Parking and traffic control arrangements from Parking Services 
  • Approval of event layouts and safety compliance by Fire and Life Safety (you may use the event layout templates under Related Information to the right) 
  • Temporary Food Facility Permit from Environment, Health and Safety 
  • Security from the UC Police Department 
  • Room openings and venue clean-up from Facilities Management 
  • Ticket printing and sales through the Central Ticket Office 
  • Press coverage coordination through Media Relations 
  • Approval of fund raising events by the Student Organizations Leadership and Engagement

How to Determine Needed Services and Order Them

Work closely with your Student Organizations Leadership and Engagement advisor and UCLA event manager to determine what services you need for your event. The UCLA event manager will explain which services the manager will order and which ones you can order directly yourself.