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UCLA Departmental Filming

UCLA Policy 863 indicates that an internal UCLA film permit is required for any act of filming on UCLA property for “non-commercial use by a UC or UCLA person or entity…for which UCLA exercises artistic, creative control”. In all these cases the Regents of the University of California are the copyright owner of the filmed footage. If UCLA filming takes place at a location not owned or leased by UCLA, a UCLA film permit is not required. 

An exception to the internal permit requirement is made for UCLA film/video projects which are deemed “incidental”. The UCLA Events Office currently considers as incidental any video recording of an existing live program, such as a conference or speaker, where the program is not being created solely for the purpose of video recording and broadcast. Allowances for incidental filming not requiring a permit could also include small scale filming in a private office for an administrative or academic purpose.  

If a department is hiring an external video production company, Policy 863 also states they should seek to obtain a “work made for hire” copyright agreement pursuant to U.S. copyright law which vests in the University all ownership rights and interest in the work created. UCLA Purchasing can assist with drafting a work for hire agreement.

As a unit within UCLA Administration, the UCLA Events Office recognizes that its role is to support its fellow departments and endeavors to make the internal permit process as efficient as possible. Requests for an internal film permit can be emailed to or directly to Monica Siasoco at

The Events Office would need the following information to complete the internal UCLA film permit:

  •  Name of department conducting the film shoot
  •  Campus address of department
  •  Name and contact information of departmental representative
  •  Title of filmed project
  •  Date, time, and location of filming activities
  •  Recharge account ID

There is a processing fee for the issuance of an internal film permit equivalent to two (2) hours of billed time at the current internal event manager recharge rate. In order to reduce costs and administrative time, the Events Office offers departments the option of a yearly internal “blanket permit”, where a single permit can be issued to cover any internal departmental filming activity over an entire fiscal year. 

If the Events Office is needed to assist in logistical arrangements for filming beyond the basic drafting and issuing of the film permit, the time will be billed as necessary at the current event manager rate. 

A UCLA department conducting an on-campus film shoot must have the advance permission from each location's appropriate facility or venue manager. The Events Office is happy to provide contacts or advice for the scheduling of campus space for internal film shoots. If a department wants to conduct a film shoot in an outdoor campus quad, plaza, or general assignment classroom scheduled by the Events Office, they should follow the steps listed on our Departmental Events page

In order to manage the impacts on the facility or surrounding activities in an area that the Events Office schedules (quads or classrooms), the presence of an Events Office event manager, billable at normal internal rates, might be required. We do not require on-site presence of an event manager during internal film shoots at venues we do not schedule, however the venue manager of any campus space does have the option of requesting Events Office presence to supervise activities. 

Use of Drones 

The use of unmanned aircraft, a.k.a. drones, on the UCLA campus is regulated and approved by a collection of stakeholders comprising the UCLA Drone Committee. Please see the UCLA Drone Procedures for information on aerial filming with a drone on campus.

Departmental filming on campus is not expressly prohibited on campus during the coronavirus pandemic. However, Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael Beck, along with the campus Emergency Management Policy Group (EMPG) and Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S), have put in place a number of restrictions and procedures for internal film shoots to proceed on UCLA property. These procedures are informed and guided by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Protocols for Institutes of Higher Education, and other established public health protocols.

Please see the summary of current procedures for approval of an internal UCLA film shoot on UCLA general property during the COVID-19 pandemic.