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Events OnLine (EOL) FAQ

  • What is Events Online (EOL)?
  • UCLA Events Online (EOL) Event Registration is a comprehensive, web-based notification, communication and approval system for requesting extracurricular use of University facilities. The EOL Event Registration system also facilitates coordination of campus-wide efforts to consolidate pertinent event information into a single, comprehensive database and is the mechanism by which UCLA is able to track and monitor all non-academic use of University facilities. EOL will provide information about University event policies, a customized checklist for event arrangement and notify certain campus service departments about your event (Parking, AVS, Fire Department, Facilities, etc.) 

  • How does the process work?
  • Staff:

    1. Go to:

    Click on "Your Dashboard"

    Enter your UCLA Logon, (through DUO Multi-Factor Authentication).

    Then, click on "Create my EOL account"

    2. Add TWO Authorizers a primary and an alternative

    These are senior departmental staff members who will authorize your future EOLs by providing an FAU and insuring compliance with University event policies.

    3. Add Director Department Chair

    Your Director or Department Chair will receive on advisory e-mail form EOL about each of your upcoming events. UCLA Logon not required. 


    You must be a signatory for a Registered Campus Organization. 

    Register your organization with Student Organization Leadership & Engagement (SOLE).                       .


  • Why do I need to put my events on EOL?
  • In accordance with UCLA Policy 860, all extracurricular events and activities must be submitted via the EOL Event Registration system for appropriate review and approval. 

  • How do I get an EOL for my event?
  • 1. A profile of the event organizer must be created in EOL. Please contact the Events Office at or at x6-3274 to set up a profile.

    2. The venue scheduler must initiate the first step of getting their venue on EOL.  Please have the venue scheduler contact the Events Office at or at x6-3274. Once the venue has been added to EOL, the venue scheduler will be able to send you the EOL application.

  • I tried to start an application on EOL, but it won’t let me. Why?
  • Only venue schedulers can start EOL applications. First, find an event location and contact the scheduler for that location who will reserve your room and start your EOL application to confirm your reservation.

  • Can I check what rooms are available on EOL?
  • No, you cannot check room availability on EOL.

    First, find an event location and contact the scheduler for that location who will check room availability, reserve your room and start your EOL application to confirm your reservation.

  • Can I reserve a room on EOL?
  • No, EOL is not a room reservation system. First, find an event location and contact the scheduler for that location, who will reserve your room and start your EOL application to confirm your reservation.

  • What is my UID #?
  • Your UID (Universal ID) is your 9-digit employee or student ID #. You can find your UID on your BruinCard.

  • What’s my password?
  • Your password is your UCLA Logon ID password. This is also known as your Bruin Online (BOL) account.

  • Why don’t my UID and password work?
  • If you are not able to log into EOL with your UCLA Logon ID user name and password, send a message to the EOL administrator team to request help.

  • Who do I put as the Authorized Signatory?
  • The Authorized Signatory is a senior staff member who will receive an e-mail request to authorize the application by filling in the department’s recharge account number. In addition, the Authorized Signatory accepts responsibility that all event costs will be covered and that the event complies with university policy.

  • Who do I put as the Dean/Director/Department Chair?
  • List your Dean, Director or Department Chair or other senior official. This official will receive one brief e-mail advisory about your upcoming event.

  • Will the event arrangements listed on "Your To Do List" be placed automatically by EOL?
  • No, arrangements are not automatically placed by EOL. Follow the instructions on "Your To Do List" which indicate if you or an events office you hired are responsible for making the event arrangements.

  • Who do I call to arrange for parking, microphones, etc.?
  • Follow the instructions on "Your To Do List" which was generated when you submitted your EOL application.

  • How do I make changes to my application?
  • Contact the venue scheduler who started your EOL application and the scheduler can make the changes.

  • Why did I get a Deactivated Application e-mail?
  • You did not submit the EOL application in the allotted time. Call your venue scheduler to check on the status of your room reservation and request that the application be re-activated.

  • Why did I get a Change Application e-mail about a stipulation?
  • A staff member who provides campus services has added a stipulation for your event. In order for your event to proceed, you must follow the instructions in the stipulation.

  • Why did I receive a Past Due Application e-mail?
  • The Authorized Signatory did not authorize the application in the original allotted time. The Authorized Signatory needs to click on the hyperlink in the e-mail to access and authorize the application.