Reserving Court of Sciences For Sale of Food

Sole Advisor Approval 

  • Make sure your SOLE advisor is aware of and approves your activities. He or she will have to approve an Events On Line (EOL) application that you will be emailed and required to fill out. Please have a copy of your approved EOL on site at your sale.

Campus Fire Marshal Approval 

  • The campus Fire Marshal’s office requires that any set up of tables and chairs requires the submission and approval of a drawn diagram, as well as the approved EOL. Food sale tables, canopies and grills can only be set-up in the approved areas indicated on this diagram. Please print out and indicate the location and equipment you plan to set-up within the event space. Include your group’s name, the date of the sale, and your EOL number on the diagram. 
  • The Events Office recommends you first bring the completed diagram to the Events Office for a quick review by an event manager before submitting to the Fire Marshal for approval.
  • Following event manager review, contact Steve Jurado of the Fire Marshal’s office at His walk-in hours to obtain a fire permit are Wednesdays from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. His office is located in the Strathmore Building on the 4th floor (555 Westwood Plaza).

Obtaining Fire Permit 

  • If you are going to have any heating or cooking devices or pop-up canopies on site you must receive a fire permit from Steve Jurado. He can be reached at If cooking, you will be required to have a fire extinguisher on site the day of the event. Please have a copy of your fire permit on site at your sale.

Obtaining Health Permit 

  • Unless it is a baked goods only (cookies, brownies, etc) sale you must apply and receive a health permit from UCLA’s Environmental Health and Safety Office. Jennie Wung ( is the campus contact to for the application, approval and permit. EH&S walk-in hours are Thursdays from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Kerkhoff Hall, Room 105. Please have a copy of your health permit on site at your sale.

Be Aware of Sales Policies 

  • Student groups are not allowed to contract with outside restaurants to sell on campus. You must be collecting the revenue from any food sales yourself, and should be involved in the preparation of the food as well as the sales.

Note: Failure to abide by the terms of these guidelines will result in your event being immediately shut down. 


Scheduling Coordinator - Stacey Tate
Email: | Phone: (310) 206-3274

168 Kerkchoff Hall 
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7213