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Learn How Event Policies Protect UCLA, Your Attendees & You

Why You Need To Know UCLA Event Policies & Procedures

UCLA has established policies and procedures for the planning and execution of extracurricular activities (events) on campus. If you are planning an event or conference sponsored by your department or school, you are expected to be familiar with all the campus policies relating to events. Not doing so might jeopardize not only your department and departmental budget, but you as an individual could be named in a lawsuit if something were to happen during your event.

How to Get Advice on UCLA Event Policies & Procedures

The UCLA Events Office is here to help you plan and execute your event efficiently, effectively and within the scope of the University policies and procedures. Most importantly, these offices are here to protect you, your department and the University.

Note: Most of the policies below are in PDF format. Viewing and/or printing PDF files requires a viewer, such as Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® or Adobe® Reader®. If needed, click here to download Acrobat® Reader®.

Pertinent Policies

The overriding policy that governs all events is UCLA Policy 860, Extracurricular use of University Facilities.

Venue Guidelines

A supplement to UCLA Policy 860, the Venue Guidelines will tell you specifics on every programmable venue on campus.

General Guidelines

Other General Guidelines that are related to organizing an event on campus.