Know the Guidelines for Student Film Shoots

Student Film Shoot Guidelines

A registered UCLA student can apply for a film permit at no charge provided the filming is related to academic work for the School of Theater, Film & Television, University Extension, Student Media or the Office of Residential Life TV. Certain UCLA students taking a required class and not part of the above departments may still qualify for a fee waived film permit. Please contact the UCLA Events Office for more information. A film warrant and location confirmation is required to process a film permit.

Non-UCLA Film Students 

Non-UCLA film students are subject to the same rules and regulations that apply to commercial film shoots. UCLA does not waive any campus location or service fees for non-UCLA film students; however the film permit fee is reduced. 

Student Film Shoot Guidelines

For details about the required procedures for UCLA and non-UCLA students, please read through the "Student Film Shoot Guidelines" in the Related Information area on this page.