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Find the Best Ways to Promote Your Event

Now that you’ve planned your event, you’re probably asking "how can I promote it?" The first thing you need to do is to identify your promotional or marketing goals:

  • Are you trying to fill the seats?
  • Do you want to bring attention to a particular issue or initiative, even after the event is over?
  • Do you want to deliver a particular, timely message?

Once you determine your goal(s), you can decide how to best utilize the following vehicles:

Event Listings in Campus Publications

UCLA Today - UCLA's Staff and Faculty News website

Criteria: Writers will do stories on key campus events. There is also the possibility that your event may be publicized in advance or after the event with a photo and caption.
Contact: Cynthia Lee at

Daily Bruin – Student Campus Newspaper

Publication schedule: Daily
Contact: To give notice for upcoming art or entertainment events, email Arts & Entertainment at

UCLA Magazine

UCLA Magazine informs and engages its readers (primarily UCLA alumni) by reporting on the vibrant, diverse world of the University and its impact on the larger world around it. It covers research, people, the arts, sports and critical issues while also serving as a guide to consumers of UCLA’s cultural and recreational offerings. Primary topics of interest among all readers include arts and culture and sports. Secondary interests include calendar/guide to activities on campus.

Publication schedule: January, April, July, October

Content deadlines: 3 months prior to publication


Event Listings on Websites

Happenings Events Calendar – UCLA's Comprehensive Event Listing

To submit an event listing, file an application through UCLA Events Online.

Publication schedule: Website is updated daily

Paid Advertising

UCLA Today - UCLA's Staff and Faculty News web site

See "Related Information" for UCLA Today advertising information

Contact: Valarie Haynes at

Daily Bruin – Student Campus Newspaper

For advertising information contact:


Banners can be displayed in designated campus locations.

For campus street poles and walkways, contact UCLA Strategic Communications,

For Ackerman Union and Bruin Walk, contact ASUCLA Event Services,

Other Marketing Resources


Campus Signboards

Signboards are another effective way to promote your event. Only registered campus organizations and campus departments may have a signboard out on campus. Signboards may be placed along the sides of walkways.

Literature Distribution

Literature about your event may be distributed on University properties or at official University functions in accordance to the “Distribution of Literature Regulations” listed in Related Information.