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Define Marketing Concepts

Items to Consider When Defining Marketing Concepts

1. Will the invitation be printed or electronic?

  • If printed, type of invitation: card, postcard, flier, newsletter?
  • Budget
  • Number of pieces to be mailed
  • When do you want the invitations to arrive in homes?
  • Which alumni would be most interested?
  • Decide if invitations are mailed at a first class or nonprofit rate. For nonprofit mailings, add three weeks to the “In Homes” deadline.

2. Build in sufficient lead time for concept, approvals, design and production

  • For events that solicit money, add an additional two weeks for University approval process.

3. RSVP method

  • By telephone, mail or e-mail. Determine contact information.

4. Language of the invitation

  • Reason
  • Date, time and place
  • Attire
  • Parking lot number and directions
  • RSVP information
    • For invitations with solicitations (events designed to raise funds)
    • Cost and payment methods
    • Tax deductibility
    • Disclosure statement

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