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Confirm Your Venue Reservation Through UCLA Events Online

What is UCLA Events Online (EOL)?

  • UCLA Events Online (EOL) is a Web intranet system used to confirm venue reservations, assist the event organizer with following polices and procedures, and facilitate communication between campus units involved in coordinating events.

How Do You Use UCLA Events Online?

  • When you reserve a space for your event, the venue scheduler will e-mail you an EOL application to confirm your reservation. Note: only the venue scheduler can start an EOL application.
  • As you complete the form you will provide detailed information about your event and you can read links to concise event policy summaries (e.g. serving alcohol, charging admission, promoting event).

What happens after you complete the EOL application and hit the submit button?

  • You’ll receive a “To Do” list on your screen, customized for your event. Follow the instructions on how to order audio-visual equipment, parking, room openings, etc.
  • Your application will be reviewed by campus service providers. Keep watching your e-mail inbox. Service providers such as the Fire Marshal or the Special Events Parking Coordinator may e-mail you more instructions.
  • Once your department’s signatory has completed the electronic authorization, you will receive an e-mail indicating that your venue reservation is confirmed.

What happens to the event information on your EOL application?

  • Your event is automatically listed on the internal Campus Operations Calendar (password protected) to assist UCLA staff in planning University operations.
  • At your request, your event will be listed on the UCLA Campus Calendar and the Happenings Top Picks on the UCLA Gateway Homepage.
  • Your event will automatically be listed on the Campus Emergency Database, a critical resource used by Emergency Response Personnel.

EOL System Administrator — UCLA Events Office
Email: | Phone: (310) 825-8989