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Be Assigned a UCLA Event Manager

UCLA Event Manager Assignment

With your event date set and your event venue reserved, it’s now time to start the planning process! In addition to your Student Organization Leadership and Engagement advisor, the UCLA event manager can prove an important ally in your event planning process.

All of the major campus venues have event professionals on staff who coordinate activities within their venues and who can assist you with your event arrangements. If your program requires multiple UCLA venues, is in a classroom, outdoor space or another venue that the UCLA Events Office coordinates then an event manager from the UCLA Events Office will be assigned to work with you.

Items to Consider Before Meeting with Your UCLA Event Manager

If your event occurs monthly, seasonally, or even annually, the records of past events will be an invaluable resource as you begin the planning process. A basic file will record attendance figures, agendas, and schedules; a good file will recap both positive and negative aspects of past events.

But even if your event is new, or you don’t have records to consult, you can assemble much of the necessary information. Here are some aspects you should consider before meeting with your UCLA event manager:

Attendance or Audience Size

Although this number may change as you promote the event and the event date nears, it’s good to have a rough idea of your audience size.

Venues & Room Setups

  • Venue size
  • Venue atmosphere (formal vs. casual)
  • Appropriate room setup for program (lecture, cocktail reception, group workshop)

Services & Equipment

  • Check-in area, for badges or materials?
  • Will tickets or admissions be sold at the door?
  • Is there a need for a podium, a sound system, a projector, an internet connection?
  • Will there be a hospitality area, with snacks and beverages?
  • Have all security issues been considered?

Refer to the worksheets in Related Information for more items to consider when meeting with your UCLA event manager.

With your event booked and this information in hand, meet with your event manager to discuss the event details. The event manager is there to facilitate the event and to serve as a resource for you. He/She can help you create your budget, order event services (equipment rentals, walkie-talkies, etc.), and recommend room setups.