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EOL Parking Policies and Guidelines

UCLA Transportation is responsible for the operation of the campus parking system. The campus relies on a total of 24,000 parking spaces to serve the needs of a daily population of 79,000 including faculty, staff, students, patients and daily visitors. All vehicles are required to have a valid permit at all times when parking on campus. The parking regulations are adopted pursuant to the authority vested in the California Vehicle Code Section 21113(a) and any violation of these parking regulations constitutes a violation of the section.

Parking arrangements and ancillary support for campus events is the responsibility of UCLA Transportation's Special Events Office. This office coordinates all event transportation facets, including parking, shuttle service, and traffic control. The following variety of services may be arranged for events:

  • On-site staffing to issue parking permits and provide special directions and/or information to event attendees.
  • Traffic control officers to monitor traffic and pedestrian flow.
  • Shuttle and vehicle rentals.
  • Reserved parking spaces, directional and venue signage, special parking identification placards, and detailed event maps.

Parking arrangements for campus events must be pre-arranged as noted in the table below, have prior authorization, and be prepaid or recharged through the campus recharge system. Late and cancellation fees apply for less than appropriate notice, as well as fees for any incurred services, i.e., signage, barricades, etc.

EVENT SIZE                                            BUSINESS DAYS REQUIRED FOR NOTIFICATION
50 vehicles5
51 - 100 vehicles10
101 - 500 vehicles15
501+ vehiclesAt least 30