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EOL Food Policies and Guidelines

If your event is open to the general public you must obtain a food permit at least five business days before the event. Invited guests do not count as the general public. Here's the basic procedure for obtaining a UCLA Temporary Food Facility Certificate:

1. Complete the two application forms. Hard copies are available at Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement (SOLE) located at 105 Kerckhoff Hall.

2. Make sure you provide the name and address of the place(s) from which they will be getting any food and/or ingredients. You must also get your SOLE advisor's signature, although food permits can be issued without the SOLE advisor’s signature. However you must have the SOLE advisor’s signature before the event.

Also, please work with Chris Lutton ( on your fire permit, which is due for application 10 business days before your event. This is needed to cook food or keep food hot.

Failure to obtain any necessary permit may result in the immediate closure of the food-related portion of your event. For more information visit Environmental Health & Safety's Special Event Permits page or contact them at (310) 206-4635 or