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Event Services to Coordinate with Other Departments

  • Ticketing
  • All on-campus events that utilize ticketing (free or for purchase) are required by policy to make ticketing arrangements with the Central Ticket Office.   

  • Using the UCLA Name or Marks on Event Publicity or Materials
  • When using UCLA logos or marks, It is important to follow UCLA’s brand guidelines, especially if the UCLA department is partnering with an external organization to host the event. On the UCLA Brand website you will find approved templates for UCLA event invitations, save the dates, flyers, newsletters, and social media posts.

    If an external partner affiliated with the event intends to use UCLA logos or marks on their website or other media materials, check for provisions, restrictions, and an application for permission to use UCLA Marks on the Administrative Vice Chancellor’s Use of Marks website.

    For permission to print the UCLA name, trademarks, or logos on event-related products or giveaways, or to co-brand UCLA Marks on a product with an external logo, please contact Trademarks and Licensing.

  • Protocols for Dignitaries or Campus Leadership at UCLA Events
  • There are specific policies, protocols, and scheduling requirements related to having a political or public dignitary or Campus Leadership (Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor/Provost, Chancellor’s spouse) attend and/or speak at an event. Please check with the Special Events and Protocol office for assistance. 

  • Guide to Other Venues on the UCLA Campus
  • There are various types of event locations on the UCLA campus run by different departments besides the Events Office. They can be viewed on our listing of most campus event spaces.