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EOL Banners Policies and Guidelines





a) UCLA recognizes the value of banners in promoting educational, cultural and informational programs that support the academic mission of the University. It is also recognized that an increasing number of campus organizations desire to utilize banners at various campus locations. Banners are eyecatching, festive and informative, promoting specific events such as performances, exhibitions or conferences, or represent a more generalized theme important to the campus or initiating department (“Where Great Futures Begin”, Commencements, 75th Anniversary, etc.)

b) Banners are an expensive form of marketing. The design, manufacture and installation of one or two dozen banners can run from $3,000 to $5,000. This cost factor will largely limit departments with small marketing budgets from using this form of advertising for small-scale events and campaigns. It is also important to note that outdoor banners require special ink and laminating treatments to inhibit smearing or ink running during inclement weather. The life span of an outdoor banner is also limited by weather through fading, tattering, etc.

c) These guidelines describe the actions and procedures to be followed in arranging for banner displays on campus. They apply to all campus groups, departments and schools that wish to advertise, promote or otherwise exhibit material pertaining to a special event, program or exhibit.

d) These guidelines address commercial advertising for non-related University banners and banner displays on the campus vs. corporate sponsorship of University events, programs or exhibits.

e) These guidelines apply to banner locations on the UCLA campus only and will not extend to City owned/maintained streets or locations, nor will they apply to off-campus, University-owned properties.


a) Content and Design • It is suggested that minimal text be used; effective banners typically incorporate no more that 5 to 7 words of text. • The event or program name should be the most important text element of the banner. • In most cases include the event or program name in English. (An exception would be a well-known play or movie title in another language.) If a non-western alphabet is used, include an English translation. • Include the name of the campus sponsor unless it is obvious from context or banner placement. • Incorporate graphics if possible, use geometric or abstract shapes. • Avoid prices, dollar signs, credit card logos, neon backgrounds, and commercial look and feel.

b) Reservations • The UCLA Events Office is the designated office to monitor banner placement, adherence to guidelines and policies, and to hold the calendar for all banner locations on campus. • Reservations are open to UCLA departments (to be made by fulltime staff or faculty) and Registered Campus Organizations (to be made by signatories registered with the Center for Student Programming). Rev 8/1/08 Page 95 of 109 • To make a reservation, contact our Scheduling department at (310) 206-4256. • The Scheduling department may email you maps of all schedulable banner zones. • Reservations should be placed as early as possible for banner placement on campus as many time slots and locations are popular and fill quickly. • A completed Events Online (EOL) with a valid Recharge ID number is required to place a reservation for banners; the completed EOL will be sent by the Scheduler, and the Applicant must fill it out online. • Banner reservations will be held for five (5) working days without a completed EOL, after the fifth day the reservation will be released.

c) Fees • A processing/reservation fee of $50.00 per area requested will be charged to the requesting department/organization. • The UCLA Events Office can arrange for installation and removal of banners on your behalf. Charges will vary depending on location(s), number of banners and size of banners. • Registered Campus Organizations are eligible to use all banner locations without a processing/reservation fee. The organization’s CSP advisor must approve all banner requests.

d) Restrictions • Due to University liability and safety requirements as well as to protect the banner locations, a University approved banner vendor must install and remove banners; the Events Office can supply a listing of approved vendors. • The requesting department/organization is responsible for making arrangements for the installation and removal of banners with the approved vendor. • Any banners remaining past the end of the reservation period will be removed by the UCLA Events Office and a removal fee will be charged. • Banners may not be placed on construction fences. • Banners may not be placed on or anchored to walls, fences, sculptures, bridges (pedestrian or other), trees, bushes or other vegetation, railings, bicycle racks, trash bins/cans/dumpsters or other structures (for exceptions, see Section 6 below). • Banners from one department/organization may be placed in up to three banner areas on the campus at any given time, except University-wide or UC system events or programs such as Commencements, Campaign or other such events or programs that may utilize all areas. • Street & walkway banner reservations will be for up to five (5) weeks per area, per single fee. Banners may be placed for no more than one consecutive rental period (5 weeks) per academic quarter, based upon demand for use of the area and/or significance of the banners to the University.


a) Street Poles – Locations designated as being on roadways, streets or other areas in which vehicular traffic is routine and regular.

b) Walkway Poles – Locations designated as being for pedestrian and vehicular access, walkway poles are significantly smaller than street poles and will require a smaller banner size.

c) Exceptions and Exclusions

• Certain events, programs and exhibits can be excluded from these Rev 8/1/08 Page 96 of 109 General Guidelines by direction of the Chancellor, the Executive Vice Chancellor or the Administrative Vice Chancellor (or their designee) or the Campus Facilities Coordinating Committee (CFCC), exclusions include events such as “The Festival of Books.”

• Banners that are or have been incorporated into the design of a building or area and are semi-permanent in nature also may be excluded from the conditions of these General Guidelines with the approval of the CFCC.

• Banner locations on and around the UCLA Store, including Kerckhoff Hall and Ackerman Union are excluded from these guidelines, for use of these locations contact ASUCLA Student Union Operations (see map for locations).

• Banner locations in the On-Campus Housing area must be consistent with the regulations stated in the On-Campus Housing Handbook. Contact the Office of Residential Life for further information.

ii) Street Pole Banners

• Banners should be a minimum of 2’ wide x 3’ 6” high and cannot exceed 3’6” in width and 6’6” in height.

• Banners may be placed only on approved light poles in designated areas (See map).

• Street banner locations are divided into five (5) areas along Charles E. Young Drive; these areas are designated as SNW, SN, SNE, SE and SS (See map).

iii) Walkway Banners

• Walkway banners should be a minimum of 2’ wide x 3’ high and must not exceed 2’6” in width and 4’ 6” in height (some areas may require the smaller size due to proximity of walkways or obstructions).

(a) Walkway banners may be placed on approved light poles in designated areas only (see map).

• Walkway banners are divided into seven (7) areas across the campus (see map), these areas are: Engineering, Pauley Corridor, Bruin Plaza, Election Hill, Sciences, Wilson Plaza and Core Campus.

iv) Building banners

• Building banners are generally not allowed. Building banners must be approved by the Campus Facilities Coordinating Committee (CFCC) or by the Chair of the CFCC or in the absence of the above by the Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor or the Administrative Vice Chancellor (or their designee).

• Banners placed on buildings must follow the general guidelines above.

• No permanent alterations to the building or structure will be allowed without the written consent of Facilities Division.

• Existing building banners in place as of January 1, 2001 are exempt from these guidelines. Banners not exempted should be removed within thirty days of notification by CFCC.


a) General Guidelines

• It is understood that corporate or private funding may be associated with a particular event, program or exhibit, and therefore it may be appropriate for such corporations or private funding sources to request copy, trademark, logo or other brand recognition on the banner, however, such recognition is not automatic and must be secondary to the event, program or exhibit.

• Any and all corporate or private sponsorship or funding of banners Rev 8/1/08 Page 97 of 109 on campus does not entitle said corporation access to use of banner location outside the context of the event, program or exhibit banner.

• Said sponsorship must not interfere or conflict with existing or established University policies (including, but not limited to tobacco or alcoholic products), programs, relationships or governing organizations, (NCAA, American Association of Museums, etc).

• Off-campus entities will not be allowed to use any banner locations on the UCLA Campus for purpose of sales, promotion, marketing or other general business of any product or service.

• On-campus entities will be allowed to use banner locations to promote programs, events, exhibits and some services. They may not promote products or merchandise, or services of a commercial nature such as credit cards.

• Each requesting department or organization shall be responsible to ensure appropriate use and display of corporate sponsorship, the Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor - University Communications should be consulted to determine the appropriateness of corporate marks and logos.

• If it is determined that corporate logos or marks are inappropriate, notification will be given to the requesting department or organization, upon notification, banners will be removed at department/organization expense.


a) The UCLA Events Office, Facilities Management or other departments involved in the banner process will not be held liable for any damages, loss or theft of banners.

b) Requesting department assumes all responsibility and liability for damages to light poles caused either directly or indirectly by the process of hanging and removing banners unless caused by negligence on the part of the vendor or other agency.

c) Theft or loss of banner(s) should be reported immediately to UCLA Police Department. Any damage(s) to the light pole(s) or surrounding area(s) caused by such theft or loss is the responsibility of the requesting department, and any repair or replacement costs or fees will be charged to the requesting department.

d) Use of a non-approved vendor to install or remove banners will not be allowed. Any use of non-approved vendor will result in additional charges to the requesting department.


• Campus & Student Life Policies: Posting of Literature, Signs or Banners

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