Evaluate Your Event

Post-Event Analysis

Since our goal at UCLA is to leave every event client completely satisfied and eager to hold another private event on campus, your UCLA event manager will continue to be available for any post event de-briefing or review that you might request. You also may be asked to fill out a customer satisfaction survey so that we may continually work to improve our customer service operations. 

Post-event analysis is a key step in understanding if your event met its goals. It can also give you insight into things that might need to be changed for the next event. Here are some things to consider.

  • Review your initial event goals. Were they met? Did you meet your fundraising/attendance goal? Did everyone enjoy themselves? 
  • Was your key message/theme/purpose clearly communicated to your audience? 
  • From a logistical standpoint, mentally walk through the event from start to finish. What worked? What didn’t work? Why? Could it have been done differently? 
  • Did your UCLA event manager provide the agreed upon services? Are there any services that they could have performed better? Were prior issues resolved before the event? 
  • Ask your attendees for their feedback and what was effective and what can be improved for future events?