Be Prepared on the Event Day

1. Arrive early

2. Walk through and check all areas of the facility

3. Bring production schedule, instructions, contact sheet, banquet orders, rental orders, seating charts, nametags, blank nametags, table assignments, check in sheets, walkie-talkies, first-aid supplies, camera, pens and tape

4. Conduct sound and equipment checks

5. Brief volunteers

6. Set up the venue

7. Put out programs

8. Set up registration table

9. Plan for the smooth flow of invitees:

  • Appropriate number of check in sheets alphabetical and by table
  • Event signage placed in appropriate areas.
  • Pertinent event information is shared or accessible to all staffers

10. Greet key speakers, dignitaries

11. Have a contingency plan for unexpected problems

  • Know where emergency exits and fire extinguishers are
  • For emergencies, call 911 from a campus phone. Also, dial 310-825-1491 from a cell phone in case the first call did not connect to the campus police department.

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